For some Addison, IL drivers, the thought of bringing in their car for an oil change is a real drag. The thought of trying to find time in their busy schedule to bring their vehicle in for this service is annoying for some of them. We understand that many of our Arlington Heights, IL drivers lead very busy lives, and it isn't always convenient to bring your vehicle in for an oil change, but it is a vital part of your car's routine maintenance schedule. The service center at Schaumburg Kia, located at 1100 E Golf Road in Schaumburg, IL, is here to tell you why staying on top of your oil change is so important for your car.

Why is an Oil Change So Important?

Are you an Elgin, IL driver who doesn't understand the importance of keeping up with the oil change schedule for your vehicle? Do you believe that it isn't a big deal if you wait a couple thousand miles past the recommended interval to change it? Unfortunately, you would be wrong. Changing the oil in your car is one of the most important things a Hoffman Estates, IL driver can do to maintain its performance level and stay away from expensive auto repairs. Changing the oil in your vehicle prevents the build up of sludge and dirt that can cause the engine to heat up and friction to occur. This can lead to damage of your engine and is components.

Palatine, IL drivers who get regular oil changes will also enjoy the benefits of improved fuel economy. The friction caused by the build up of sludge and dirt will also lead to a loss in fuel efficiency. Regular oil changes help save you money at the gas pump. Changing your oil more often even has an impact on the environment. When you fail to change your oil on time, it causes your vehicle to push out more hydrocarbons into the air. Regular oil changes prevent that from happening and it will also help you to pass emissions tests in the future.

Scheduling Your Oil Changes

The service center at Schaumburg Kia, in Schaumburg, IL, makes scheduling an oil change appointment convenient for you. You can make your appointment by contacting a service advisor at our dealership by phone, or by using our online service scheduler. Schedule your oil change today and experience all the benefits of clean oil in your car.

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