The hot summer weather has people all over the Chicagoland area looking forward to enjoying their planned trips and adventures. Before you set off for these travels, you may want to consider whether you have given your car the necessary maintenance it needs to hold up to the increased heat and humidity. After all, summer can be just as hard on a vehicle as the winter months. The service center at Schaumburg Kia, located at 1100 East Golf Road in Schaumburg, IL, recommends that you get some summer service before you head out on your travels. Below are some examples of some services you might want to consider.

Oil Changes

The hot weather can be just as challenging as the frigid winter months on your car's engine. Keeping on top of your oil changes is very important during the warmer months. It will make sure that your engine's components are properly lubricated during your summer travels.

Brake Services

Before you head off to see different points in Illinois and beyond, it is a good idea to make sure that your brake system is ready for everything to come. Our factory-trained, Kia-certified service technicians can inspect your brake system, so you'll know that it is in great shape before you leave.

Air Conditioning System

You don't want to be caught in hot and steamy weather without a working A/C system in your vehicle. Our service techs can examine your A/C system to ensure that it won't quit on you when the temperatures are approaching 100-degrees.

Tire Services

Whether you need a tire rotation, balancing, or a new set mounted and installed, you will find our service center up to the task. Since your tires are important to the safe operation of your vehicle, it only makes sense to visit our service center before you leave on your trip.


Car batteries are generally good for up to four years. Before you leave on that long road trip, it is probably a good idea to have your battery inspected. You don't want to be stranded miles from home during a sweltering summer day because your car battery decided to quit. Our service center can inspect your battery and replace it if needed.

Schedule Your Appointment

Schaumburg Kia, in Schaumburg, IL, knows you want to enjoy care-free summer driving. Contact our service center, or schedule an appointment online, so your car is ready when it's time for you to embark on your summer travels.

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