Everybody loves to cruise in a vehicle that performs according to its specifications and attracts the admiration of other car owners on the road which is the effect of the 2019 Kia Soul and 2019 Nissan Kicks. With the sleek characteristics of the sedan plus the functionality of the SUV, this car type is becoming popular in many parts of the world. The crossover SUV is designed for drivers who do not want to bear the inconvenience of having more than one car but want a car that they can take to the office, go out on camping trips with and travel out of town without fear that the task is too heavy for its systems. If you were considering the 2019 Kia Soul as the best bet to fit these requirements, you are on the right track. You can only believe that you are headed in the right direction if you compare your choice against the closest match in the market;


The fact that the 2019 Kia Soul is a bit cheaper than the 2019 Nissan Kicks does not mean that the features offered by this model are less important. In fact, car owners that have bought the Kia instead of the Nissan are happy to have more money left on their pockets and more functionality in the new vehicle they have acquired. It is true that the crossover design of cars for the modern market is a work of marketing but it must be appreciated that every driver who has unique vehicle needs might not afford to have more than one car in the family.



In the crossover models we are comparing here, both have an equal number of sitting spaces but the Kia has more space for carrying cargo. Imagine this as the family car that you travel all over with, and have the freedom to carry all the stuff you will need in the car. Whether it is a weekend out camping or a vacation, or maybe a trip to another state to visit your relatives, there is enough room in the Kia for people and luggage.


Imagine a car that offers you one of 3 engine options to choose from, and even the smallest of the 3 engines are stronger than the best that the competitor can offer? This is the picture that the Kia is presenting; with any of the 3 engines, the output is 130-201 horsepower while the single option engine of the Nissan has an output of 125 horsepower.



Did you know that this variation in output is due to the type of transmission used in the vehicles? The Kia offers a manual 6-speed, automatic 6-speed, and dual-clutch 7-speed transmissions. This range of possible combinations for the engine and transmission of the Kia make the Nissan look like a dwarf with its single engine and gearbox option.


When you step inside the 2019 Nissan Kicks, what meets your eyes is the classy space that bears a sporty blend of black and orange. If you compare this to what is inside the 2019 Kia Soul, one gets the feeling that the Kia offers much more options. Car owners can choose between cloth or leather seat trims to match their lifestyle and budget. There is also the option to have everything in black and orange just like is offered in the standard Nissan. While they can be similar in the interiors, the Kia gives you room to pick out your best but the best option you need to choose from is the Soul's 96.8 cubic feet against the Kick's 93.9 cubic feet.



Another area in which the Kia has a clear advantage over the Nissan is in lighting around the speakers. Apart from providing lighting in areas where the speakers are placed, the Primo Lit package on the Kia provides mood lighting in the interiors. Interestingly, this is among the greatest best-seller drivers for the Kia.


A good analysis of both the 2019 Nissan Kicks and the 2019 Kia Soul indicate that the designers gave it their all to ensure life is protected and there is a low probability of causing accidents with either. Both have an extensive airbag system which spans the better part of the interiors and extends to the leg area.



The seat belt latches used on both models are fixed properly on the seats in a manner that ensures protection for the passenger regardless of their size or height. When it comes to the architectural designs used on the roof, head restraints and base of the vehicles, all is indicative of vehicles that will experience minimal to no damage in the event of an accident.



The Verdict

It is not easy to make a choice between two carefully designed vehicles because there is always the feeling that the other one was the best option. The Kia Soul has many features that appeal to a modern driver and that is why it is preferred over the Nissan Kicks.